A third of Britons admit celebrities influence their Christmas shopping, with the most influential celebrities hailing from YouTube.

It was initially found that one in three Britons (34%) admitted they have previously been influenced by celebrities to purchase goods around the Christmas period.

When asked what medium the celebrity, or celebrities in question were famous for, the following five answers emerged as the most commonly provided:

  1. YouTube – 42%
  2. Social Media – 38%
  3. Reality TV – 23%
  4. Music – 19%
  5. Film/TV – 13%

What’s more, it was found Britons are more likely to buy a product that a celebrity endorses (43%) than something that helps with a world issue, e.g. charities (34%).

It was found that the platform Britons think is most effective at influences their purchasing decisions is Instagram (65%). It was found tech (29%) were the products most likely to be purchased if they see a celeb they like using them, followed by makeup (27%) and toys (21%).

It was finally found that, 65% of Britons are more likely to buy products endorsed by celebrities around Christmas than any other time in the year.

George Charles, a spokesperson for www.MoneySavingHeroes.co.uk, commented: “It is no surprise that people are easily influenced around Christmas; everyone gets a little bit spend happy and if they see their favourite celebrity endorsing a product, it is very likely they will buy it.”

The team behind www.MoneySavingHeroes.co.uk conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into the Britons attitudes towards Christmas spending. Over 2,200 British adults took part in the research, all of whom remained anonymous throughout the study.