Lacking an idea on where to find a space to place an additional bathroom? Well, think again! Almost all homes have extra space, and yours is definitely not an exception. 

Most homes have spaces that are under-utilized. Such an area could be the ideal location for an extra bathroom that could add more value and luxury to your household. An additional bathroom could be useful especially if you have a big home and if you have the tendency of receiving guest now and then. 

So how do you go about this and where will you get the ideas? In this article I will get you started by sharing some fantastic ideas on where to squeeze an extra cloakroom, bathroom or even an en-suite. I shall also shed some light on the best bathroom suites that will be ideal for each location. 

Have a budget 
First things first, before undertaking any rush decisions consider coming up with a proper plan that will ensure that you get the best out of the undertakings. Therefore, in your plan, you should include a budget as a priority because you would not like a half-constructed bathroom in your household. 

To plan on how much you need to spend, you need to find a trustworthy tradesperson or architecture. Trust is the key, and you can quickly learn about the best out there through your friends’ recommendation or checking up their profile in social media. 

They should come and quote the price they are willing to use for the project. Make sure you have heard quotes from different sources before concluding on the contractor for the job. With doing this, you will have known the budget that you need. 

You can now use your contractor to check on the plumbing system. 

Checking the Plumbing system 
Most bathrooms are placed near the main soil stack for ease of drainage. The drainage system of most households in the UK also rely on gravity for removal of waste to the soil stack and later to the sewers. 

Therefore it is reasonable to design the extra bathroom near the main soil stack and without defying the laws of physics. But, what if this is not possible? 

If it isn’t possible to locate the bathroom near the soil stack or in a place that will allow gravity to take its course, you won’t have to worry because the advanced technology will take care of that. With a macerator or a pump, the waste can be broken down before being disposed of to the sewer. 

After understanding your plumbing system, we need to locate the ideal space for your bathroom.

Conversion of the closet 
Some households have walk-in closets that have huge spaces. You should consider utilizing that space to squeeze in a bathroom. It is an ideal location because you won’t have to make a lot of adjustment to the closet to come up with a good bathroom design 

Below your staircase 
The most underutilized space in your house is the free area under the stairs. Most people would instead decorate the space without giving it a second thought. Well, you should know that you can convert this area into a cloakroom. Use of ceramic in the design of the room or the combination of toilet and a hand basin could work just fine. 

In the Loft 
The conversion of aloft to a bathroom could be the ideal space for you to do that. The transformation is quite costly and depends on the design of the loft. 

Use of the curved shower enclosure and en-suite can come work perfectly for tight lofts although if the attic has a close slope, it might put you in a tricky situation. 
As earlier mentioned if the plumbing system won’t allow you to direct the drainage from the bathroom loft to the soil stack consider using the macerator. If the shower system also has the same problem consider utilising the combi boiler or the unvented system that pumps water to the shower at high pressures. 

Garage space 
In recent times most people prefer parking their car outside due to decreased theft issues leaving the garage space with minimal usage. This could provide a lot of space to design your dream bathroom and en-suite. 

The garage also will be ideal in that its location at the ground level will be a comfortable place for everyone to access.

You will have to make a lot of adjustments to the garage to make it fit in with the rest of the household. 

If you’ve made this far, then you might be wondering just how much value you can add to your property with an extra bathroom? The answer is… it depends! You can, however, get a rough estimation through online valuation tools such as at Property Price Advice or Zoopla.