S.W.A.P. is the Tinder-style exchange platform for all FREITAG bag owners who are ready for a fresh tarp-based love with another bag and want to pass on their old one-off with a minimum of hassle.

The online S.W.A.P. (Shopping Without Any Payment) bag exchange platform offers all FREITAG bag owners the opportunity to get rid of their old one-off bag hassle-free with a clear conscience and exchange it for one that’s new – at least for them – without spending any money.

To help find your new bag, FREITAG have taken inspiration from the Tinder dating app: simply upload a photo of your own bag on S.W.A.P. to get pictures of everyone else’s unique models. Swipe to the left to get rid of bags you don’t like and to the right for the ones you want. And when it ends in a match, i.e. two people liking each other’s bags, you can get down to the handover negotiations. FREITAG leaves the details as to how, where and whether the swap actually takes place entirely up to the guys involved. The bag makers are happy if the match leads to the creation of two new, sustainable bag relationships and wish everyone a never-ending bag swap craze.