If you want to get your brand known, recruit excellent employees, boost staff morale and get more customers, you need to be taking part in corporate events regularly. From staff nights out to seminars, every event offers an opportunity — but how can you boost engagement and stand-out? 

The selfie frame is a must-have prop to take with you to trade shows and staff outings if you want to inject fun and the sociability factor into the occasion. Here, we’ll discuss why they’re popular and how can they benefit your next work party!

Cut the cost of entertainment

A selfie frame is not only fun and easy to organise, but it’s also far cheaper than many other forms of entertainment — ideal for staff parties. With free customisation and free delivery when you order selfie frames, they’ll account for only a very small part of your company’s budget.

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If you’re organising an event or party on a budget, choosing a few selfie frame templates can help to get guests, staff, and potential business associates and new employees mingling without over-spending — which means you can spend more on refreshments and venue!

Improve staff morale

Hosting a staff night out? Why not make it more fun and help staff chat and socialise by ordering selfie frames and photo props to create some unique snaps of the evening?

Staff morale is crucial to a company but thinking outside the box and offering your staff a few fun, customised selfie frames could help show that you value their work and want them to have a good time.

Enhance your networking ability

Selfie frames are ideal for everyone to use. If you get them for a trade show, your staff can even use them to interact with potential clients at conferences — a great way to break the ice with style and personality.

Forget handing out business cards and trying to recall faces, the selfie frame not only encourages guests and team members to join together and acquire new connections, but images you’ll take will also help you and staff to remember who was there and make connections on LinkedIn or similar platforms. Get yours branded with your business logo to spread positive brand awareness. If people share these images on social media, you could also attract a pool of new prospective employees.

Spread your brand and what you can offer

The selfie frame was made for social media, and this platform is one of the best for advertising a business — so don’t miss out.

There’s something about selfie frame images that people really engage with — great news if you want to get your logo or corporate event on social media to spread awareness! After taking hundreds of selfie frame images over the course of the event, chances are, your staff and others will be much more inclined to start firing these around Facebook and Instagram!

If you’re still not convinced that a selfie frame can boost brand awareness, think about how these fun and quirky images may look to the viewer. By sharing photos on your company’s social media channels, you’re showing your followers how important staff morale and building a sociable team is to your brand, as well as advertising the event. Essentially, these images could significantly increase the possibility of attracting new business or employee interest. Remember, even if some staff don’t upload selfie frame images themselves, they’ll likely be tagged in them by other people.

Shout about your success
Being able to customise the selfie frame is one of its best features from a business perspective. Is it your brand’s birthday? Have you had you most successful year to date? Whatever the occasion, personalising a selfie frame to shout about it is great for staff morale and brand exposure.

Get on board with the selfie frame trend and you could improve a variety of business aspects. Before finalising the details of your next corporate event of work party, check out the variety of templates available online.