The COVID-19 pandemic has had a monumental impact on almost every part of our lives but one thing it hasn’t been able to decimate is international shipping. It might have resulted in delays and there are certainly going to be social distancing measures expected at both ends of the transaction but generally speaking, international couriers have been allowed to carry on as normal, depending on the countries being shipped to and from.

Changing by the day

Of course, whilst all couriers are working extensively to sort out arrangements with their airline and courier partners across the world. But certain countries will have implemented specific measures regarding how they are combating the spread of coronavirus and that means there will be varying levels of delay depending on where a parcel is heading. For UK-based sellers, Royal Mail has presented a handy list of countries it advises against shipping to at the present time and this list is being updated daily.

How to send your international package

If you want your package to sail through customs with minimum effort then the first thing you’re going to need to do is to ensure it complies with the new UK-wide border processes. This means that all packages must be provided with the declarant’s names local reference number, the name of the office of departure referred to  in the transit declaration, a master reference number and an email address where the transit document and master reference number can be sent. It’s a lot to take in, but all top UK couriers should be able to sort out these logistics on your behalf.

How to receive your international package

If you have become accustomed to receiving items from a foreign source you might be out of luck as many online retailers, particularly in the US, are no longer shipping internationally. What you can do, however, is have your order shipped to a US postal box and then arrange for a courier to collect it from there. It’s a convoluted process but for some, it might be worthwhile.

What if I missed my international package?

If you have been sent a package from overseas that requires a signature and you’re not in, however, you’ll need to head to your local sorting office or warehouse, depending on the courier. There, you’ll need a form of valid identification as well as the parcel reference number and the slip of paper that was most likely deposited through your door when the delivery driver missed you. It’s imperative, of course, that social distancing measures are maintained at all times in this scenario.