Running a retail business can be difficult; staying ahead of the competition with prices, efficient processes and well trained staff are all essential. But one of the top things to consider in order to retain and attract customers is to ensure you have the ideal environment. Its important to consider everything from floor colour to temperature and even how often you touch up the paint outside when creating the perfect retail environment.

Here we will cover just some of the top tips for creating the ideal environment for a retail store, and how best to maintain it.

Keep it simple
When considering how best to design your retail store, one of the top tips is to keep it as simple as possible. An easy to navigate layout along with plain, light, colours on the walls and floor will help to showcase your products and hinder any outside distractions.

A peaceful and calm environment will help to keep customers in store longer, along with encouraging them to return. Accent your store with little touches which represent your brand, but remember keeping it simple is key.

The perfect retail environment will engage the senses to spark interest. Ensure your store is well lit and visually appealing to entice customers in. It can also be beneficial to play music at a suitable low volume, to break the silence and make customers feel comfortable when browsing; a silent store can seem opposing and distract from the products.

Another brilliant way to add a sensory touch to your store is to utilise scents. Use subtle fragrances to make your store smell appealing, but too much can be overwhelming, so use sparingly.

Often overlooked, the temperature of your retail environment is highly important. It’s thought the optimum temperature for a retail store is between 20 to 24 degrees Celsius, so achieving this is vital for retaining customers. If your store is too hot or cold, it can mean customers will be less likely to stay and browse if they are uncomfortable.

In order to ensure your retail environment remains at a suitable temperature, it’s beneficial to implement air conditioning units. It’s important that these are regularly maintained as part of a compliance maintenance schedule, which can be managed as part of facilities management services.

If you feel your retail environment isn’t aiding in retaining and encouraging custom it may be time to consider a refurbishment or redesign. Employing an expert in retail layout and design may help to bring your store to life and elevate the environment to the next level.

Knowing when to invest in refurbishment is key, so if you notice your competitors switching layouts, if your footfall has reduced, or perhaps parts of the store have started failing, it could be time to consider a refurbishment. 

A clean environment is a must for any retail store, as it gives the impression to goods the customer is purchasing are also clean and of good quality. Try implementing a regular cleaning program or outsourcing a cleaner to help you stay on top of the whole store and its facilities.

Regular Maintenance
Regularly maintaining your store with help from a facilities management company can be highly beneficial for identifying potential issues before they arise or escalate. Maintenance can include everything from touching up paintwork, to completing a full compliance maintenance inspection. Employing a company to take care of this for you ensure your retail business stays ahead, can curb potential costly repairs and remains both appealing and safe.

There are many different aspects to consider when creating the perfect retail environment, and its important that each is carefully considered. In order to ensure your business retains existing customers and attracts new ones, its important to regularly review the retail environment and make changes as necessary.