Speaking at National Graduate Week, Aldi’s Graduate Recruitment Specialist outlined her expert advice on acing graduate interviews that can work for any graduate scheme you’re applying to.

How to Get A Graduate Job –  5 Top Tips

  1. Do your research – with so many applicants vying for just 100 jobs, knowing your stuff about the company will be essential. Get to know the market, as well as the business itself and identify what it is about the business that attracts you.
  2. Think about the skills the role is asking for – in Aldi, the ‘infamous’ tills are a high-pressure hotspot, so candidates need to know how to act quickly and responsibly. Knowing your stuff about how the business operates will give you an idea of what skills they’re looking for.
  3. Talk about yourself – the interview process is an opportunity for employers to get to know you, so make sure your personality shines through and you stand out from the crowd – how can you think outside of the box when answering application questions? What makes you perfect for the roll?
  4. Ask questions – while you should do a lot of research into how the company works, it’s also important to ask questions about the things that interest you. This lets the employer know you’re invested while also giving you a better understanding of the business.
  5. Competency questions – most job applications will include competency questions that measure how your brain works in different situations. These will be based on the skills the employer is looking for, so have a few personal demonstrations of how you tick these boxes ready so you’re not going into the interview completely blind.

Georgina’s presentation was part of National Graduate Week, running every day until September 28th with free talks from Virgin Media, Amazon, Uk Music, Office For Students and many more.

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Graduates can get a better understanding of what recruiters are looking for before facing the daunting prospect of the turbulent job market, and every event is completely free.

Comment from Sharon Walpole, director of Careermap:
“The job market is tough and, thanks to the pandemic and its influence on our economy, it’s only going to get tougher. With graduates competing against not only each other but also those who have recently lost their jobs.

There has never been a more important time than now to arm graduates with the practical knowledge to succeed in the CV & interview stage.”

Comment from Michelle Donelan, Universities Minister:
“Graduating in any year is a big step. I still remember the mixture of excitement and nervousness I felt as a graduate deciding what was to come, and I welcome National Graduate Week as a brilliant way to support students in making this transition.

“Whether they are planning to jump straight into work, get experience as a paid intern or extend their studies, I urge organisations, universities and students to get involved this week and help ensure every graduate has the support they need to choose the career path that works best for them and their futures.”