The Levi’s brand has launched a new Virtual Stylist at, which will also be available through Facebook Messenger.  The new system takes all the wisdom of Levi’s in-store style experts and puts it at consumers’ fingertips 24 hours a day.  Users are able to receive fashion advice – available throughout the site – in a conversational tone via their mobile device or laptop, creating a more personalized, easy shopping experience wherever and whenever they want it.

The chatbot goes beyond algorithms to incorporate the real-life training that Levi’s in-store stylists receive. Drawing on decades of experience helping consumers find the right fit, the Virtual Stylist poses questions like, “How would you like your jeans to fit through your hips and thighs?” to explore shoppers’ preferences on leg shape, rise and stretch. It then integrates TrueFit sizing information to deliver tailored recommendations.

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This innovative approach is part of Levi Strauss & Co.’s larger push to invest in its eCommerce business and in new technologies that will improve the consumer shopping experience and, ultimately, drive online sales.

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“We are on the leading edge of a challenge that all retail companies face today – how to create a seamless and personalized shopping experience for consumers, and new technologies like our Virtual Stylist are integral to that evolution at LS&Co.,” said Marc Rosen, executive vice president and president of global eCommerce at LS&Co. “No matter where the consumer chooses to shop, we want to give them a personalized experience that leverages our expertise in fit and style to address the biggest challenge of finding the pair of perfect-fitting jeans.”