As we reach a time where many business owners are considering what they can do in order to get back in the game after the coronavirus lockdown, it’s important to think about the changes that you will inevitably need to make in order to keep your employees and customers safe both now and in the future. Social distancing measures, such as staying two metres apart from others, are expected to be in place until a vaccine is developed, and understandably, your employees and customers might have some safety concerns. Here’s what business owners can do in order to combat COVID-19 as things start to slowly return to normal.

Social Distancing

Being able to support social distancing is crucial and it’s important to make sure that your business has a plan in place to do this before you allow employees to return to work or customers to visit your physical premises. This might include plans to place products further away from each other or opening fewer checkouts so that customers have more space. You’ll also need to figure out a system for limiting the number of customers allowed into the premises at any one time and put plans in place for queue control.

Fever Screening

Fever screening can be an effective way for you to identify any individuals who may be experiencing coronavirus symptoms using fever screen cameras that scan your store. Thermal screening cameras can be used to measure the temperature of anybody coming in and out of your business and detect high fevers, which is a common symptom of COVID-19. The use of fever screen cameras will help you to detect unusual body temperatures in groups of people shopping or working in your store, so you can take steps accordingly. First Response Group’s thermal cameras are a popular choice for businesses as they provide a safe, contact-free way for you to detect high body temperature from up to seven metres away and can be a permanent fixture in your store. They have a few different fever screening options including a mobile device as well as a Pro option depending on your needs.


Making sure that your employees are able to keep up personal hygiene throughout the working day and protect themselves from the virus is crucial. You might want to provide more hand-washing stations throughout your store, for example, or provide employees with a bottle of hand sanitiser each that they can have at their station in case of being unable to reach a handwashing station.


Personal protective equipment such as masks is becoming more and more commonplace in society due to COVID-19. And while wearing a mask might not protect the wearer from contracting the virus, they can be very useful in slowing down its spread. If an infected person wears a mask, there is a lower risk of the virus being spread through them to others, so it makes sense for as many people as possible to wear them. Providing masks, gloves, and other PPE to your employees will improve their piece of mind and show you care about their safety at work.

If you are thinking about opening your business back up after the lockdown soon, it’s important to spend some time putting measures in place to protect the health of your staff and customers.