It’s no secret that the retail sector is struggling in the UK presently. While there are fewer shops open and less in-person shoppers, there are also opportunities to be grasped by willing retail brands looking to the future.

To stay viable and address a continuing push towards online shopping, companies must find new ways to use different types of technology and publishing on technology platforms to their advantage. Here we present a few options towards this objective.

Revamp the Website

While retail brands may be reticent to support a budget for a new website, if it helps to both keep the brand relevant in the marketplace and offer something new, then there’s value there. Certainly, a website shouldn’t be revamped purely for the sake of it, but when it can directly lead to an improved bottom-line in a tough market, that’s worthwhile.

To keep costs reasonable, it’s always possible to get interesting new features created for the existing site. Contacting a developer agency is the best way to go forward. The London based agency White label, for instance, have the expertise and portfolio to suggest different approaches and implement real solutions. Be open to new ideas and bring your site to the next level with a greater user experience!

Working Closely with Social Influencers

In keeping with having a tighter focus on the internet, retailers must fully embrace the idea of working closely with notable social influencers. While some may be reluctant, having failed in the past to see this as a valid marketing avenue to explorer – even if they weren’t paying attention to it, they can bet that their target consumer was.

It’s worth noting that for smaller retail chains, it may be difficult to get the attention of the larger influencers who receive many such requests. In which case, don’t be deterred. Locate several influencers with a smaller following that combined can deliver similar results for the brand.

Instagram marketing campaigns that increase follower counts and ultimately, traffic to the website, provide the opportunity to turn an interest in new retail sales.

Embrace Mobile Apps & Mobile Advertising

Mobile apps can provide a useful connection between occasional buyers and the brand. While customers may not necessarily be allowed to purchase directly through a mobile app, it’s possible to promote them through it and refer them back to the website.

Encouraging customers with exclusive promotional offers through the app with in-app notifications about sales season delivers value to people. It provides the incentive to install the app in the first place – something that can be promoted through the website and in the shops using a QR code display at the till.

Also, consider mobile advertising to allow the app to gain traction. Promote how it benefits current and/or new customers and how it saves them money, and ensure that they don’t miss out on the latest offers.

By using technology sensibly and embracing online marketing opportunities, the retail sector can meet the customer where they are and interact more often with them. This keeps the brand in their mind’s eye and allows for more touchpoints between the consumer and the retailer too.