River Island has announced its partnership with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (SLCT), as part of its commitment to promoting a consciously inclusive business.

Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture has long been a part of River Island’s core values. With the support of the SLCT, River Island will continue to invest in improving recruitment and professional development of diverse talent across all tiers of the business.

The intention is to tap into the specialist network that the SLCT provides to audit, review and evolve the business’ policies and activity around diversity and inclusion.  It is crucial that every member of River Island’s workforce is heard, represented, and feels proud to work for a brand that is truly dedicated to unity. A long-term commitment that will resonate with the many communities and cultures that make the brand so special is paramount.

Today’s announcement continues River Island’s efforts to support and promote diversity, including through the award-winning ‘Labels are for Clothes’ and ‘Together’ campaigns, from which it is intended to build support and commitment to championing inclusiveness.

Will Kernan, River Island CEO, said;

“It’s our customers and colleagues that make River Island what it is. We’re a diverse bunch, united by a love of fashion. That diversity broadens our experience and enriches our creativity. We’re proud to partner with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and believe their expertise will support and positively challenge us to better develop and grow our already phenomenal community.”

Sonia Watson OBE, Hon.FRIBA, Chief Executive, The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, commented;

“We are delighted to be working with River Island, helping them to navigate the pathway towards creating a truly inclusive workplace. We look forward to working together in pursuit of achieving the goals necessary to enable systemic change, by transforming their systems and processes which will benefit all those within the organisation and every customer they serve.”