New data from Missguided has revealed that sales in lingerie have spiked a huge 300% compared to last year, as Britain gets ready to exit lockdown.

New coronavirus guidelines brought in this week, has made it illegal to have sex in your own home with a person from another household, but that doesn’t appear to be stopping anyone as lingerie sales soar.


So, as people are preparing in advance for them to be reunited with their loved ones once lockdown is over or simply just wanting to feel a bit sexier than being in loungewear – The UK is definitely buying a lot more lingerie pieces compared to previous years.

Searches for Lingerie terms for each city in the UK

From the start of lockdown to now, searches for lingerie have shot up, but how much have they spiked in each city? The data revealed that sales in Manchester have boosted the most significantly, by 356% to be exact, compared to Leeds where it has only increased by 160%.

Sales of Lingerie in each city across the UK

Although people may be looking for more options across the UK during lockdown, are they actually buying anything? The answer is yes. Sales for specific items have increased dramatically compared to this time last year. In particular, the best-sellers are Missguided and playboy branded High Waisted Taped Thongs.