DSS Europe 2017 delivered on its promise to provide a business roadmap for the international Digital Signage and DooH industry as record numbers of delegates attended the two-day conference and expo in Germany.

Attendance at DSS Europe, the first to be held at the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München, was the highest in its 11-year history. Almost 700 attendees came to the conference and expo representing an increase of 53% on the 2016 edition.

The conference, comprised of keynotes, presentations and panels, explored Digital Signage and Retail Experiences alongside DooH and Smart Cities. The twin-track programme provided delegates with exclusive market intelligence on new products and technologies and their application in real world strategic business scenarios.

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At the forefront of the debate was the key role Digital Signage will play in the evolution of the ‘bricks and mortar’ store and how retail businesses might engage with the consumer in light of digital com-petition.

Florian Rotberg, DSS Europe Chairman and invidis consulting Managing Director, commented: “Attendees got a real sense of the way forward – the challenges and the opportunities. For retail we are looking at integrated, holistic solutions, engaging customers in innovative and flexible ways. Digital Signage will be right at the heart of the in-store offering whether it’s being used to deliver information, storytelling or entertainment.

“With the coming together of content, big data, and programmatic we will see the transformation of the Digital out of Home marketplace. The result of this will be the increased personalisation of Digital Signage in this sector.”

A busy show floor adjacent to the conference area ensured that over 30 sponsors and exhibitors were able to make the most of the benefits of the extended DSS Europe opening hours and the new venue were able to offer.

Mike Blackman, Integrated Systems Events Managing Director commented: “The largest numbers of attendees, exhibitors and sponsors have ensured that DSS Europe remains a key destination for the Digital Signage community. I am very pleased that they have all enjoyed a very successful two days and would like to thank all of those who have supported it.”

DSS Europe is a joint venture of invidis consulting and Integrated Systems Events, the producers of the Integrated Systems Europe exhibition.

Save the date: Digital Signage Summit ISE takes place on February 7th in Amsterdam.

Information on the Digital Signage Summit event series are available online, visit www.digitalsignagesummit.org

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