Launched in 2015, the digital wallet service has been progressively rolled out across Tesco’s UK stores, with hundreds of thousands of customers having downloaded and using the app on a regular basis to vastly improve their checkout experience when shopping at Tesco. 

 On average, a transaction using the Tesco Pay+ digital wallet takes place every three seconds at a Tesco store, demonstrating its growing popularity with loyal Tesco shoppers. Since its rollout earlier this year the app has amassed over a quarter of a million users. 

The simple and fast checkout experience delivered by Tesco Pay+ is driving greater customer loyalty through combing a higher transaction limit than contactless and auto collection of Clubcard points in a single scan at checkout. Clubcard customers using the app are now visiting Tesco more often, with their frequency of visit increasing by 20%.

Commenting on the launch of Tesco Pay+, Mark Loch, Tesco Digital Wallet and Group Payments Director, said: 

“The world is changing rapidly around us. How customers interact with their shopping experience, how they manage their money, and how they determine value, are developing all of the time. We are proud that we constantly invest in enhancing the shopping experience so that our customers receive a unique and exceptional service. Our digital wallet has proved to be hugely popular with our customers and we are confident that Tesco Pay+, with its fantastic capability, will continue to transform the shopping journey offering little helps to customers every time they shop in Tesco.” 

Tesco Pay+ is available for both Android and iOS smartphones, allows customers to pay and also collect Clubcard points, all with one simple scan of their phone. The app has a single transaction limit of £250 to ensure that customers can use Tesco Pay+ to pay for their weekly shop and more.