Grocery shopping just got even easier thanks to Ocado. The online supermarket announced it has launched an app for the voice-controlled Amazon Alexa.

Just imagine it… you’re cooking up a spaghetti bolognese storm and use the last of the garlic. No stress, just talk to Alexa and she’ll add it to your basket. Simple.

The Ocado app for Amazon Alexa will feature a variety of functions enabling customers to:

  • Add a product to an existing order or basket
  • Find out which products are currently in season and receive inspiration for the best ways to include them in recipes
  • Check an existing order or basket to see if a certain product has already been added
  • Keep track of an order by asking “where’s my order?”
  • Confirm the time until which an existing order can be amended

Ocado is currently the only supermarket in the UK to offer an app for the Amazon Alexa, moving away from traditional supermarket shopping. The launch gives consumers the ultimate convenience and flexibility to shop however they prefer – whether that’s online, via the app or simply using your voice.  Customers are now able to download the app via their Amazon accounts.