Jeff Bezos and his retail behemoth creation Amazon developed the concept of Prime Day back in 2015 to mark the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the online marketplace. Having gone from strength to strength since then and racking up billions in sales, the self-styled sales day falls on Tuesday, July 11th this year and lasts for 30 hours. Amazon Prime is today available in 13 countries but undoubtedly this will only grow as Bezos rolls Prime out to other countries. Prime Day, while only available in those 13 countries still created enough buzz and online activity to rival those gigantic consumer days as Black Friday and Cyber Monday which also offer shoppers mammoth deals for everything from TVs to shampoos. The people over at Carvaka have put together this insightful infographic which details everything that you need and want to know about this big retail event; you will also read some amazing statistics about how much this sales day generates…check it out below!