UK digital studio Pikcells has created the world’s first 3D online kitchen planner for Wren Kitchens using proprietary software that offers retailers a simpler way to make online shopping a more interactive experience. Pikcells’ kitchen planner for Wren gives customers fantastic visibility along with the ability to move around inside the kitchen they have created using options from Wren Kitchens’ complete range of doors, colours, worktops, splashbacks and handles.

Richard Benson, creative director, Pikcells said: “Wren Kitchens’ new 360-degree planner combines webGL technology – the one used in Google Earth – with the customisable features of a kitchen configurator to create a really useful tool for Wren’s customers. It’s an elegant and simple solution to a problem that a lot of companies with customisable products are facing online and who are currently spending a lot of time and money to solve by developing fully 3D VR tools and configurators.” As consumer demand grows for online shopping to provide store-like experiences and browsing options, 3D is becoming a must have for retail websites. Using proprietary software developed in-house by Pikcells, the kitchen planner works on any device and any browser without plugins – and can be ported out to a VR headset for a fully immersive styling experience. Engineered to work quickly with Wren Kitchens’ large menu of customisable options and high number of site visitors, the planner lets users zoom into the space for a closer look as well as move around inside the kitchen for an experience that’s both more realistic and more engaging. Pikcells solution will benefit a wide-range of retailers from fashion to furniture including bathrooms, bedrooms, tiles, carpets and property.

Wren Kitchens’ marketing director Richard Walker said: “As part of the development of a new website for Wren Kitchens, we wanted to update our existing kitchen visualiser. Pikcells’ new configurator showcases our full kitchen range and brilliantly addresses all of the issues you typically find with styling tools such as limited visibility and movement, lack of detail and low interactivity. Pikcells’ new configurator helps the customer get up-close and personal with the choices they’ve made.”

You can check out the 360-degree kitchen planner here